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christo1In case you’re just now joining me, I work for the U.S. Department of State as an “Information Management Specialist” (equivalent to a Supervisory IT Specialist / Manager). My position involves moving from country to country every few years in my capacity within the Foreign Service Officer/Specialist branch of State.celaron1

The latest assignment (my reward for serving in Afghanistan for a while): supporting the American Consulate General Rio de Janeiro, Brazil before, during, and after Olympics 2016. In the meantime, I’m learning to appreciate Rio like a tourist.


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31 Mar 2016

Welcome to Rio de Janeiro

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I’ve had several people comment on my facebook and other social network walls about sharing my Intro to Web Development seminar & resources with them, so here is the powerpoint presentation and several resources that were used in the class.  Thanks!

1 Apr 2011

Intro to Web Development Class

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Take a look at this link also for a really good HTML/CSS Tutorial to give you a better understanding of web design basics before you get started on the advanced stuff.

Have a great day! Thanks!

31 Mar 2011

…Quotes from Webdev Seminar follow up.

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