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I’ve started a small newsletter called Tech Tips at my office, and I’m going to share some of the articles with readers here.

Tech Tips aim is to educate each you on how to live a more tech-savvy lifestyle, or just to find ways to make your life easier.

My first tech tip covers the application known as Dropbox.

Do you have multiple computers and find yourself constantly transferring files between them with a thumb drive or by emailing them to yourself? This is the solution!

Dropbox img

The way it works: You install Dropbox onto your home computer and sign up for an account. The install creates a magic folder on your computer. Any file you place into this magic folder syncs with to your very own website online and to any other magic folder you’ve previously installed that’s also assigned to your account.

Have another computer? Install Dropbox on it as well, and then your files will also be synced (copied) to that magic folder as well. Have an iPhone or iPad also? Download and install Dropbox onto it via it’s iTunes app and get access to any file that you place into your magic folder from your iDevice.

When I was in college, this tool saved me several times since I saved all my homework into my Dropbox folder! When running late and forgetting to print out a report, I was able to email the document directly to my Professor from the Dropbox application on my iPhone at a moment’s notice, so nothing was ever late!

Dropbox has many additional features and is available for free as long as you keep less than 2GB of documents, pictures, or videos in your Dropbox Folder.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Tech Tip!

8 Nov 2010

Tech Tips #1

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