14 Jan 2012

More Side Projects

Author: dustinwa | Filed under: Web Design

It’s funny how my degree is in programming, my job has nothing to do with it, I got sick of it in school, but now I do a good bit of it in my spare time. And I have ideas for apps on regular occasion. I guess since my job has become somewhat monotonous and/or frustrating, the pent up creativity is trying to escape on weekends.

Current status of projects:
1. Update blog design. DONE
2. Design a launchpad, Password-protected home page storing my most common website links for portability. I could use several vendors for this, but I felt like doing it myself. DONE
3. Redesign and reorganize web development page for various web projects tracking. PLANNING
4. Redesign GIS Postage project. TO DO
5. Develop News Aggregator. TO DO

That’s the plan so far. Looking forward to the ideas they’ll bring.

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